Tobias Saddlery

Without proper fitting equipment, we are riders cannot communicate with our horses. Tobias Saddlery helps insure our horses are fitted with the correct saddle that allows the rider to be effective with their aids. Frank Tobais understands the sporthorse and listens to the horse when it comes to saddle fitting.  Frank Tobias, certified independent saddle fitter, provides complete saddle evaluations and  fitting of most fine English saddles, including adjustments to saddle tree and flocking. He works with existing saddles and is a fitter first and salesman second.

Tobias Saddlery provides sales of fine handmade saddles, including our own Shelby Dressage Saddle, and Erreplus Italian Saddlery Jump and Dressage saddles. Since Frank is local to Ocala, he is able to come out as frequently as needed to flock and reflock saddles as needed. We are so grateful to have Tobias Saddlery on our team!

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