Sport Innovations

Sport Innovations helps us support our equine athletes, whether it is during regular training, preparing for competition or recovering and rehabilitating. We love that the 3-1 blanket offers PEMF, massage and heat support for our horses, and their feedback is invaluable. Lisa and Catrina feel a noticeable difference in the horses who wear the 3-1 blanket and use it regularly as part of their training program.

“My horse is more supple and elastic before my rides. He is relaxed and happy each time! Clinicians and judges notice the difference too! I am really impressed with the results”

Lisa Hellmer, Head Trainer LCH Equestrian

We offer the use of the blanket to horses at our farm as well as off site. This unit is so easy to travel with it comes to lessons, clinics and shows! If you are interested in trying the blanket for yourself, please reach out and let us know. We would love to help your horse feel their best!

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