Para Dressage

Lisa Hellmer is the USEF Para Dressage Development Coach for the US Para Dressage Program. Lisa works directly with the various Centers of Excellence throughout the United States to further the growth of grass roots athletes in the sport of Para Dressage. Her goal is to grow the development program to build a clearer pipeline for aspiring national and international competitors.

Lisa is a USEF Silver Para Dressage coach. She was part of the first group of Para Dressage coaches that went through the USEF’s coaches program directed under USA Team Coach Michel Assouline. She regularly participates in instructor symposiums to continue her education down this new and exciting path. Lisa thoroughly enjoys the challenge and partnership of Para Dressage and helping these athletes reach their competition potential.

Interested in pursuing the sport of Para Dressage, email Lisa directly.

Most recently Grade V Para Dressage rider Andie Sue Roth began campaigning Aniko in Para Dressage. They hit it off quickly and are proving to be a great team. Lisa has had so much fun seeing her horse step into the world of Para Dressage and his love for it is clear. Andie Sue Roth is a member of the United States Pony Clubs (the same organization Lisa grew up in) and she and Aniko were recently featured on the cover of the USPC magazine. Such a special moment!

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