OceanFeed Equine

LCH Equestrian is pleased to partner with OceanFeed Equine and 2B Dressage Sporthorses, the exclusive dealer for OceanFeed Equine in Ocala, Florida. OceanFeed Equine is a 100% natural prebiotic feed ingredient made from a proprietary blend of sustainably-harvested seaweed. This product improves your horse’s gut health, resulting in a more efficient and effective nutrient uptake of your feed program. Better gut health and nutrient uptake results in a shinier coat, better stamina, improved recovery time, better mental focus and improved health due to good bacteria growth in the gut.

We are happy to be able to work with this sustainable company and provide our horses with excellent, all natural gut support.

6.6 lb Bucket
  • 60 day supply/ one horse
30 lb bag
  • 350 day supply/ one horse

Interested in ordering? Use the contact form below to connect with 2B Dressage Sporthorses, who are the local Ocala, Florida reps.

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