Lisa is a patient and personable trainer. She provides foundation level confidence to horses and builds them up so eventually it comes from within.
She is knowledgeable for a variety of ages and levels. Never one to mince words and is not afraid to seek outside council should and unusual issue present itself.
For riders she is thoughtful and able to clearly articulate instructions to both horse and rider combinations to bring out the best in them.
Always goes above and beyond for both horses, riders, and owners in every situation and is a valuable asset to the Dressage community in Loudoun County.

– Heather Briggs, Belle Grey Farm

Lisa Hellmer is just the best.  She has taken Rainy and I from third level to Prix St George in a little over two years, helping me get my silver medal (and I’m not in full training – I just trailer in for lessons).   Lisa is always positive and encouraging and is constantly thinking of ways to improve my horse to make him stronger and happier in his work. In addition to serious FEI dressage training lessons,  Lisa works on cross training which includes cavaletti lessons and lessons in the fields so my horse continually improves his gaits and to keep him happy in his work.   Lisa also gives me lessons on my hunt horse, Lily, as well, working to make her more supple and obedient even though Lily’s  future lies in the hunt field and not in the dressage ring.  Lisa goes above and beyond to help me reach my goals, whatever they may be, and is one of those rare professionals that truly cares about you and your horses.

– Lee Phaup, USDF Silver Medalist

Lisa Hellmer helped me achieve the next level in my dressage training.  I had success at training and first level, and Lisa helped me make the leap to third and now fourth level. She is expert at assessing what horse and rider need and has a clear plan to help us get there without feeling overwhelmed.  She is expert at selecting a few key exercises in each session that will help the most and coaching us through them until we have success.  This makes it easy to remember and practice after she’s gone and by the next session we’re ready for more. She is a welcoming and warm person and I finish each session with a feeling of accomplishment and a smile.  Whether you are just starting out or have years of dressage training, Lisa can help you succeed.

– Sarah Drew, USDF Bronze Medalist  and relationship-based horsemanship instructor

Lisa is an incredibly talented horse trainer and instructor. Her attention to detail, dedication, and patience create a productive learning environment, where she not only helps you to improve your riding technique, but also your training ability. Lisa has not only helped me to improve my own riding on my Grand Prix horse, she has taught me invaluable skills to apply as I teach my former event horse how to dance. Lisa’s emphasis on cross-training ensures that you and your horse will be well-rounded, and you will have fun in the process. I cannot thank Lisa enough for all she has taught me on how to be a good horse person. 

-Hannah McSween, USDF Bronze and Silver Medalist

I began riding with Lisa in 2018.  Almost immediately, I knew that I planned to stay with her as my riding instructor for years to come. I appreciated that she took the time to get to know both myself and my quirky horse before designing a personalized training plan. Lisa’s positive influence provided me the right amount of forward push tempered with kindness, patience, and understanding. Her experience shown through in her teaching style; this included wonderful analogies and hints that were helpful and relevant.  I am happy to have found an instructor like Lisa; she is the consummate professional.

-Michele Gross

Lisa Helmer is both exceptional and talented as a trainer, teacher and mentor.   She is gifted as a horse trainer, as a teacher for the rider, and as someone who can help mentor you through the personal challenges of riding and showing.  Although I enjoy show hunting, it was Lisa who taught me how to be a better rider by better connecting with the horse through the use of my aids, my breathing, and my mental state.   Perhaps most important, Lisa always made it fun and interesting boosting my confidence over every cavalletti and through every spiral.   Let me not forget the day she actually saved my retired horse’s life.  He was in a state of severe colic and I could not reach the vet.  Within minutes Lisa was at my stable and because of her knowledge and quick instinct she administered the proper care until the vet arrived much later and he was transported to the clinic.

– Susi Mong, Marshall, VA

Kui and I started working with Lisa in 2017. I’m not sure there are enough superlatives in the English language to tell you just how much I think of her as a person and what she has taught Kui and me in Dressage. She is absolutely one of the nicest and most professional and caring people I know. She is an amazing trainer who trained my Kui who was quite the challenge at times. Because of her expert training and hands on approach, he qualified for regional championships the first two shows in which he competed. She rode him to 3rd place in that regional championship show. It’s very clear that Lisa has “the touch” that horses respond to without hesitation. Ocala is lucky to have such a high quality person and trainer!!

-Leslie Page

When I arrived at Sprieser Sporthorse a little over three years ago I was completely worn down by a number of years of difficult riding experiences, physical pain, and the unexpected freak accident and death of a much beloved horse who had finally seemed to be the right match. Lisa immediately took me under her wing, first giving me lessons on her own saintly gelding, and then, along with Lauren Sprieser, encouraging me to consider a lovely mare that Lisa had been schooling over the summer. She knew that Dela would be the confidence builder I so desperately needed. To make a long story short, I saw the light and bought Dela. Under Lisa’s tutelage, Dela and I have had an amazing three years. Lisa’s perceptive and empathetic approach enabled me to overcome my fear issues and begin the journey back to being a confident and happy rider. She knew exactly when to urge me to “Rip off the BandAid”! Thanks to Lisa, Dela and I are looking forward this year to competing at Training and First Level, and maybe some hilltopping in the Fall! I cannot recommend Lisa enough as a mentor, trainer, and friend. 

-Barbara Burk

Lisa Hellmer, where do I even start to begin. Lisa is a great trainer. I’ve know her for almost 3 years, she is an inspiration, positive, dedicated and hard working. She makes all of the lessons fun and teaches so much in such little time! It may be tough but you will reach your goals and the ones you have for your horse, with Lisa’s knowledge, guidance and experience. I love Lisa!

-Braidyn Koszeghy, junior rider

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