Get to know Catrina

Catrina “Nina” Hellmer is one half of LCH Equestrian. She is 2014 graduate from the University of New Hampshire holding a BS in Environmental Science and Ecosystems. She grew up in the United States Pony Club and is a C3 graduate from Old North Bridge Pony Club. This background fueled her loved eventing, team work, teaching young up and coming pony clubbers, and horsemanship. She has never limited herself to one discipline.

Catrina has been in Ocala since 2014 where she has done everything from hunter/jumpers to galloping racehorses. Here is where she found her love working as a veterinary technician and in 2018 decided to go back to school to become a certified veterinary technician. It is invaluable having her on the farm and being able transfer these skills. LCH Equestrian is grateful to have her knowledge and expertise on hand everyday! Catrina is exploring more rehabilitation methods for the modern Sporthorse, working closely with area veterinarians and trainers to provide careful, customized rehabilitation care.

Catrina owns Moonshine Cate, a recently retired TB racehorse who she had the pleasure of galloping for the past two years. Now Cate is moving onto her next career! Catrina is a huge proponent for mixed discipline training. Her past eventing life gave her the courage to ride racehorses, hunter-jumpers taught her to refine her equitation over fences, and dressage has reinstated the foundation of excellent riding and connection. We are so thrilled to have her on our team!

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