Advanced Saddle Fit

It is our pleasure to be working with Colleen and Matt Meyer of Advanced Saddle Fit. Not only are they dear friends, but their products go above and beyond. At Advanced Saddle Fit, they are motivated by empathy for the horse, a dedication to fitting saddles by scientific method to the greatest extent feasible, and a commitment to do our best for every horse they work with.  

Colleen Meyer is a principal of the company and a life-long horsewoman.  Her personal mission is to lift the veil that shrouds saddle fitting in myth and mystery by promoting greater understanding of the design technology that underlies correct saddle fit. Colleen is one of a handful of Americans certified by the UK’s Society of Master Saddlers, the only internationally recognized professional qualification in saddle fitting. 

Advanced Saddle Fit keeps our horses’ backs healthy and allows them to perform at their optimal best. We are grateful Colleen comes to Ocala on a regular basis!

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